Tuesday, June 09, 2009

How to Win Friends and Influence Creatures in PW!

We received a very nice review of How to Win Friends and Influence Creatures in Publishers Weekly!
"The lessons about life and friendship that the quirky, cartoon animals learn in this diminutive book are both practical and fun. A blue creature peeks out above a white fence as the text reads, 'Stand up straight...'Opening the gate reveals a snake—and the rest of the sentence: 'unless you have no legs to stand on.' On another spread, one elephant stands apart from the noisy herd: 'When everyone else is talking... learn to listen' (the elephant is then shown with a mouse in his trunk and its ears perked up). The information—and the humorous touches in the art—lend it both kid and adult appeal. Wishes for You is also available. Ages 4–8."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your " bear in underwear " book is questionable for children

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