Thursday, June 22, 2006

Early Experiences Review in Booklist

Ehrlich, Fred. Does a Baboon Sleep in a Bed? Illus. by Emily Bolam

With silly questions and answers, this small, square easy reader in the Early Experiences series has fun with words as it introduces preschoolers to a few fascinating facts about sleepy animals and people. On each right-hand page, children will find a simple question ("Does a baboon sleep in a bed?"), accompanied by a clear, brightly colored illustration, sharply outlined in ink, showing a funny scenario (a baboon in a comfy bed). A turn of the page reveals the answer ("No way! A baboon sleeps in a tree"), with a picture of the critter in question in a more authentic pose (a baboon asleep in a tree, "usually a different one every night"). First the question, then the facts. The pattern follows through for a beaver, a polar bear, a bumblebee, a horse, and a dog, with the book culminating in several spreads showing people - from babies to grown-ups - in many different kinds of beds. Cozy fun for bedtime. - Hazel Rochman


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