Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Review for Bigger Than Daddy in Booklist

April 1, 2006 issue of Booklist:
Ziefert, Harriet. Bigger than Daddy. Illus. by Elliot Kreloff. May 2006. 36p. Blue Apple, $15.95 (1-59354-147-3).
PreS. Young Edward accompanies his dad to the park, and then they walk home together, play, and have dinner before Edward has a bath and is tucked into bed. Along the way, Edward constantly demands the chance to engage in grown-up activities, ranging from the doable (pressing the elevator button) to the less doable (outrunning a big red fire truck). Ziefert ably captures the teasing affection between a young preschool boy and his dad. The simple, appealing language shows the humor, energy, and bossiness of the young child, while the father’s love for his son also shines through. Kreloff’s colorful, childlike, crayon-and-collage illustrations convey Edward’s exuberance and the story’s humor. Parents will recognize Edward’s many familiar lines, while children will appreciate his frustrations and the spirited way that he deals with them. Pair this with the titles featured in the Read-alikes column “A Day with Dad,” in the June 2005 issue of Booklist. —Todd Morning


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