Thursday, August 28, 2008

Comics to Go

Although we want summer to last forever, we're excited to announce that our first Fall book is arriving in stores this week: COMICS TO GO! Comics to Go is the first children's book by artist Mike Herrod, who grew up with a love of comic strips like Calvin and Hobbes and (of course!) Peanuts and eventually became a comic artist himself. With Comics to Go, he inspires kids to pick up the pen (and/or colored pencils and/or crayons) and create their own "sequential art." 

At the beginning of the book, Mike has started some extremely wacky stories and left the last panel unfinished, so that the reader can complete the tales in his or her own unique way. In the back of the book, more and more of the comics are left undone, until the panels ultimately are empty boxes that leave everything to the imagination and vision of the artist at hand. We've also created a companion website with downloadable content, so the fun never has to end!

Spiral bound and with sturdy cardboard covers (like a professional sketchbook), we think Comics to Go not only inspires a love of comics, but serves as an introduction to the creative process - of both storytelling and art. Check it out!

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