Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Great News about Balloon Toons!

We're very excited here at Blue Apple about our new series of comics readers for young kids - Balloon Toons. We've gotten some fantastic reviews for each of the three debut titles, which we'd like to share with you! (Also: look for two new Balloon Toons books coming next spring!)

Adopt a Glurb by Elise Gravel

"Among the nonsense pet possibilities, the choice to take home a glurb (“You can buy glurb eggs for 10 cents at the monster shop”) offers both challenges and benefits. A glurb smells like rotten mustard but has a brain big enough to learn to read. They can also walk on the wall and the ceiling and even draw, though they do enjoy unrolling the toilet paper. Gravel’s simple handbook of glurb care will delight a young audience, both for its accessibility and the glurb’s resemblance to much younger (and, therefore, sillier in the emerging reader’s estimation) children." - from Booklist

Rick and Rack and the Great Outdoors by Ethan Long

"This graphic novel takes beginning readers through three very short and humorous stories about a raccoon and a moose who explore the fine art of fishing, try to puzzle out mysterious paw prints in the woods, and stay dry in a canoe. . . This entry in the new Balloon Toons series (with a similar hefty build of the successful TOON Books line) puts the comics medium to good use: tracking the visual elements of the story will help emerging readers decode the text with ease. The full-color palette is simple, and the large panels will make access even easier for inexperienced comics readers." - from Booklist

The Super Crazy Cat Dance by Aron Nels Steinke

"Just like the Toon Books line, this is the kind of comic for kids that you’ll want to start buying your own children, nieces, nephews, and friends. . . It’s adorable, with animated cats of all colors, shapes, and sizes cavorting across the pages. There’s a ton of stuff to look at on every page, from cats in strollers, to a swim on Lake Meowzer. You’ll enjoy just checking out all of the characters and objects packed onto each page. . . The Super Crazy Cat Dance is a sweet, fun book, and it’s one that parents will cheerfully read with their children over and over again." - from Read About Comics

Friday, November 12, 2010

Mike Herrod at the Brooklyn Museum!

Come meet Mike Herrod (Comics to Go, Monster Comics) at Brooklyn Museum's Children's Book Fair!

Saturday, November 13, Noon - 4 p.m.
The Rubin Pavilion

Brooklyn Museum of Art
200 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, New York 11238-6052

Meet your favorite Brooklyn authors and illustrators. Featuring storybooks, picture books, and graphic novels Author readings, a game for children, and cafe service will be offered.