Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Go Back to Sleep in Kirkus Reviews

"A little boy goes through his bedtime routine with his toy animals, but must do it again in reverse when their ruckus wakes him up in the middle of the night. Layered pages show Willy carefully taking each toy off his bed and placing it in its favorite spot in his room before he falls asleep. But Bo Bear is rather naughty, beginning a chain reaction that wakes up all the toys and leads to such a ruckus that Willy wakes up. The layered pages then return in reverse, showing Willy gathering each toy and placing it back on the bed, where they all fall asleep together. A delightful rhyming beginning sputters in the middle of the tale when it disappears entirely, reemerging only sporadically after that. Observant youngsters might wonder why it's Sailor Monkey who says, "Wind me up!" instead of the mouse with the key in its back . Constantin has mastered the art of facial expression, and her illustrations are enchanting, sure to lure youngsters to dreamland along with Willy. Cute despite its flaws."
-Kirkus Reviews, October 1, 2006

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Can Wait for the Bell to Ring! in The Bloomsbury Review

I Can Wait for the Bell to Ring!
by Jennifer Rapp

"We all know the agony of waiting. Whether it is waiting for the bus or waiting for jeans to dry, it always seems unbearable. Which is why i love Jennifer Rapp's homage to patience. Juxtaposing serious things to wait for, such as a sibling going off to college or the day braces come off, with more humorous ones, like cheese pizza cooling off or the dog pooping, the book is sympathetic and amusing at once. Rapp's illustrations are charmingly awkward, edgy, and hilarious. It all leads up to the one thing you can't wait for: the last day of school!" - Sophia Walker

-The Bloomsbury Review, Sept/Oct 2006