Thursday, June 22, 2006

Early Experiences Review in Booklist

Ehrlich, Fred. Does a Baboon Sleep in a Bed? Illus. by Emily Bolam

With silly questions and answers, this small, square easy reader in the Early Experiences series has fun with words as it introduces preschoolers to a few fascinating facts about sleepy animals and people. On each right-hand page, children will find a simple question ("Does a baboon sleep in a bed?"), accompanied by a clear, brightly colored illustration, sharply outlined in ink, showing a funny scenario (a baboon in a comfy bed). A turn of the page reveals the answer ("No way! A baboon sleeps in a tree"), with a picture of the critter in question in a more authentic pose (a baboon asleep in a tree, "usually a different one every night"). First the question, then the facts. The pattern follows through for a beaver, a polar bear, a bumblebee, a horse, and a dog, with the book culminating in several spreads showing people - from babies to grown-ups - in many different kinds of beds. Cozy fun for bedtime. - Hazel Rochman

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blue Apple Artists selected by American Illustration

Blue Apple artists Seymour Chwast, Santiago Cohen, and Laurie Rosenwald were selected to appear in the 25th American Illustration Annual. Click on the links below to view their selected pieces of artwork.

Seymour Chwast
Santiago Cohen
Laurie Rosenwald